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New Green Building Rain Screen Technology

The 10’ pieces of prefinished steel DriSide™ Top Vent can be left white or painted with the siding. The top vent, shims and the starter vent work together to provide a completely ventilated space between the back of the siding and the drainage plane.


The 1 ½” wide x 3” tall ABS DriSide™ Shim is installed with the same nail used to attach the siding which saves significant time compared to traditional furring strips. It is shaped to easily slide in place, match the pitch of the siding and give a ¼” free air space. When installed it gives a completely rigid backing for the siding, eliminating the unsightly waviness of siding installed over roll rainscreen products.


10’ lengths of G90 galvanized DriSide™ Starter Vent eliminate the need for traditional starter strips. They install faster and allow for venting and draining


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