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Siding Ventilation &
Water Management System

Convective airflow throughout the entire cavity is the secret to maintaining a safe
and dry atmosphere behind siding. DriSide™ creates this airflow with an easy to
install rainscreen system designed for use with fiber cement and OSB based lap
siding. The rainscreen method of installing siding creates air space between the
siding and the house wrap allowing moisture behind the siding to easily drain and

DriSide™ Details

The DriSide™ rainscreen system is the most cost-effective, innovative and easy to use siding ventilation system available. The air space and ventilation created by DriSide™ reduces the pressure that forces the water against the house. Less pressure means less chance the water is going to invade the wall. The more rain, wind and humidity, the more important it is to have a rainscreen system in place.

DriSide™ unites three simple components to create a dynamic ventilation system.

Top Vent

This innovative component tops off the system and fosters complete airflow.


A single nail secures both the siding and the shim, which provides both horizontal and vertical ventilation.

Starter Vent

10' lengths of the starter vent eliminate the need for traditional starter strips and allow condensation on the wrap to drain.

In lab testing, DriSide (when used in conjunction with DuPont Tyvek ThermaWrap), increased the R-value of a wall system. Higher R-values mean reduced energy costs. Better for the environment and better for your family.



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